Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Steve Smith and Andre Johnson both out with ankle injuries

Impact on the field: The high-ankle sprain is one where the lower leg meets the foot. The two shinbones are splayed apart ripping a ligament that attaches them. Because that is where the force of the ground is transmitted, this injury takes longer to heal. That being said, Smith’s bigger problem is his quarterback play. I think he is back after the Week 6 bye, but he may not score very well the rest of the way if Matt Moore doesn’t come back to save him. In Johnson’s case, he already has a week of rest. He’s very dedicated and may try to play this week but as I have stated more than a few times in this article, it is best to let this injury heal. Let what happened with Michael Turner last year be a lesson - if one returns to early, they are much more susceptible to re-injury.

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